Einstein was a refugee

This is one of my favourite posters. I have it on my wall at work. But it does create conflicting thougths and feelings in me because it promotes the idea that that helping refugees and asylum seekers is good because they can contribute something to our community and society. Don’t get me wrong, I am 100% in support of that, but shouldn’t we be helping people because they are human beings in need of our support? Not just because of what they can do for us? I sometimes worry that we place greater expectation on those we have helped because of this. Or maybe I just worry too much.

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  1. Alice said:

    i agree, but i think that it is a very effective way to start the conversation and help create understanding amongst people to reduce anger towards refugees. I think in the longer term we should aim to create a society which helps people in need just for the fact that they are in need, but for now it is a good stepping stone..

Any thoughts?

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