Missing Doctor Who

The new season of Doctor Who will soon come out in Australia!!!  I love Doctor Who, but will sadly miss watching this season as it comes out on television.  And I doubt that ABC iView will work in Cambodia.

I fly out on 24 April, not long to go now!  Everything is sorted, immunisations done, visa sorted, and traning completed.  I just need to see if I can get free excess baggage.

With less than a month to go I oscillate between over the top excitment, and grief that I will be away from those I love for so long, one person in particular.

As well as people I will miss the new Harry Potter.  We have decided to make a trip to Thailand just to see it at the cinema!  As for the new Season of Doctor Who, I’ll have to figure that somehow.  In the meantime, here is a little teaser.


Any thoughts?

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