Kep & Rabbit Island

Ok, time for the next installment in the tale of my long weekend. We had been planning all day to have pizza for dinner after our long tour. Throughout our river cruise we talked at length about the pizza we would be consuming later that evening. This pizza took on mythic proportions in our minds as we envisaged it’s yummy goodness. So as soon as we got off the boat we headed straight for Mea Culpa, a guest house and pizzeria. We ordered garlic pizza, basil, tomato and feta dip, a large margherita (my favourite, which I was teased for, but it’s always the first to go), a large pepperoni, and a large capricciosa. It was sooo yummy, but we soon found that our bodies had quickly adapted to a rice based diet when the wheat starting expanding and bloating our stomachs.

We got ridiculously lost trying to walk back to Irena’s place. We either looked very lost, or were in a part of town we shouldn’t have been in as we were offered assistance by quite a few people. After a while an American boy on a motorbike who looked about 15 pointed us in the right direction.

Sunday morning we enjoyed breakfast at the Epic Arts Cafe. Epic Arts is an NGO working with those in the community who have a disability. We were hankering for one of their famous brownies but there was only one left and six of us. We decided to try again the next afternoon before getting the taxi back to Phnom Penh.

A 45 minute tuk tuk ride, six of us crammed into a four seater, took us to Kep where we took a boat to the nearby Rabbit Island.

Here we shared three bungalows between the six of us for $15 a bungalow. They were quite simple with two beds (in one case one double bed), with mosquito nets and a squat toilet. We spent the next day and a bit swimming, floating on tyre tubes in the ocean, ordering everything on the menu that they did not have – crab, prawn, coconut… When we first found the tyre tubes we didn’t realise there was a cost. A local policeman demanded $7 for the use of all six. We assumed he was a dodgy offical taking advantage of the situation so we ignored him. He tracked us down though and watched as I enjoyed a one hour Khmer massage, waiting to claim his money once I’d finished. But he found Elysse and Irena first so they paid up instead. We later found more tyre tubes with $1 painted on them and felt a little guilty that we’d trip to skip out on the policeman.

We took a boat back to Kep in the mid morning and on our way to Kampot stopped off at the famous Kep crab market. We devoured three large crab dishes, one squid, two fish, one vegetable, and rice. We payed a hefty sum of just under $10 each for the fabulous meal.

Unfortunately by the time we got back to Kampot the Epic Arts Cafe was closed so we missed out again on the brownies. But that is just another reason to go back!


Any thoughts?

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