Christmas is coming!

Christmas is just around the corner, the signs are even showing here in Buddhist Cambodia. The Independence Monument is surrounded by lights in the shape of Christmas trees. The fountain encircling it shows jets of red and green water being shot up under coloured lights. The many western haunts around town are filled with Christmas trees and decorations.

What we don’t have here is the mad push to buy buy buy. The decorations went up on 1 December, not in October. And yes, I do miss Christmas carols (I wonder if they’ll show Carols in the Domain on the Australia Network), and the Christmas parties, but that’s ok. Christmas feels a little calmer, less stressful.

I won’t be in Phnom Penh for Christmas, I fly to Bali on 23 December where I will meet my parents as well as my brother and sister. I’m very excited to see them, it’s been nearly seven months! Although I think we will miss the tradition of mum’s pavlova (unless she finds a way to make it in Bali). I plan to learn how to surf. Apparently I managed to grow up in Newcastle without ever touching a surf board.

I know some of my friends here are missing the Christmas festivities back home. But if there’s one thing I pride myself on, it’s my ability to adjust to new situations and enjoy myself anywhere.

How are you all spending Christmas?


Any thoughts?

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