The week in photos…

I’ve been travelling a bit this week, first to Siem Reap, then to Kep. Here are the photos of my week.

Trivia night last week. I think we came 6th or 7th.

Silk worms at the silk farm just out of Siem Reap. A full post will be coming of the silk farm later.

My friend Elysse works at Anjali House (an NGO doing great work with street kids) and they put on a theatre performance over the weekend. It was hilarious and wonderful. We could hardly hear a thing, the lead actor kept his back to the audience throughout the whole play, and the scene changes took longer than the scenes. But when you take into account that they were doing the play in a second language and had probably never seen a western play before, it was hard not to be impressed. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

My local dumpling joint. Mmmm… dumplings.

This is a popular helmet in Cambodia. Looks like it’s made of plastic though. I’m not sure how good it would be in a crash.

At The Vine.

The Sailing Club in Kep.

Read all about the kitten here.

  1. Rux said:

    Just to update you: the kitten is doing well so far. Hope you are enjoying your Cambodian adventures!

    • Rebekah said:

      Wonderful! Thank you for letting me know. I will be back to see him on Tuesday.

  2. Yael said:

    Speaking of bike helmets, there’s a Chinese guy here in Vila who rides his overladen scooter around wearing a construction hard hat!

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