I am a social worker with a Master of Development Studies. I am a feminist, unashamed idealist, frustrated but faithful Christian, humanitarian, and knitter. If you have any problems with my faith, gender, political beliefs, hobbies, or humanitarian ideals, that is perfectly OK, but if you start harassing me about them you can sod off. I am, however open to intelligent and considered discussion.

I live in Phnom Penh, Cambodia where I am volunteering for a year as a Community Development Officer at a local NGO.

This blog is primarily a means to communicate with my friends and family while I am in Cambodia so that I do not inundate the unwilling with group emails. I hope to take up photography while I am traveling and so will post photos with stories. But as well as sharing my travel and work adventures I will also most likely write often about asylum seekers, refugees, trafficked persons, peace, war, religion, faith, books, knitting patterns, Harry Potter, and other issues that I care about.

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