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I was back in the village last week. Apart from discovering that my thatched roof doesn’t keep heavy rain out, and a nearby wedding that lasted until 5am, I had a pretty good time. Here are some of my favourite photos.

The obligatory children shot. I couldn’t not take photos when I visited the school. They loved posing and every time I took a shot they crammed around me to see the photos on my camera.

One of the houses in the Community Vocational Training Centre (CVTC) where we work. The seedlings are fruit trees and are available to farmers for 1500 riel each (4000 riel is 1USD).

There are a lot of seedlings.

I think the cows in Cambodia are so pretty! My colleagues looked at me very oddly when I told them that.


My house in the village. Known as the Red House.

This is Tabby. It can get very lonely at the Red House all alone. The generator is only on for three hours in the evening, the storms are very loud and cold, and the house is quite isolated. But Tabby was excellent company!

The living room.

The program is leaving the village in 18 months, so the main focus is the exit strategy. Looks like I will be spending one to two weeks a month here. No complaints from me!


This afternoon I was pulled into the office of the finance manager. He had a very serious look on his face as he asked me to sit opposite his desk. He pulled out the forms I had filled in to be reimbursed for my food and accommodation in Chamcar Bei a few weeks ago. I started to panic a little as I had found the forms a little confusing and my colleague who tried to help me only made my confusion worse. I knew it wouldn’t be the end of the world but I really want my colleagues to like and respect me and if they realise I have struggled with a simple finance form they may worry a little about my intelligence.

So he puts the form in front of me and points to the total sum I have requested and says ‘I don’t think you’ve asked for enough money, I’m going to give you more’.